Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scott Boras, Manny Ramirez, Baseball Annies...


"I’d stick a pharmacology book inside a Playboy so they’d think I was one of the guys."

OK, if you're following along, this is almost too easy. Too easy happens once in a while and, as a reporter, you're trained not to trust it. So don't trust it.

However, here are some tidbits for your digestion. If you're a good reporter, you'll draw no conclusions from them.

Who Scott Boras represents:
Barry Bonds
Alex Rodriquez
Manny Ramirez
Mark Teixeira
...among others.

How Scott Boras passed the time on those long bus trips in Double A?
"I’d stick a pharmacology book inside a Playboy so they’d think I was one of the guys."

What responsibility Scott Boras takes for the use of steroids by players in his stable?
"I’m not answering questions like that. You need to ask the player."

As I said, this is too easy. But if you want to read more from the mind of Boras, including what the Scott Boras Corp., tells rookies about the world of Baseball Annies and how the agent who holds degrees in law and industrial pharmacology would re-invent the World Series for the 21st Century, read the rest of Kevin Cook's Playboy interview from June 2009.

It's not a bad primer in how to walk on egg shells while asking medium-tough questions, either.


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  1. So, John, are you telling us you read Playboy for the articles?
    All kidding aside, Playboy really IS a great source for articles - and, as you know as well as anyone, Playboy was one of the major players in New Journalism.
    Just to clear one thing up - Barry Bonds isn't represented by Scott Boras. His agent's name is Jeff Borris. But Scott Boras' client list includes some interesting names related to the Kansas City Royals including recent first-round picks Luke Hochevar, Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer, plus, inexplicably, utilityman Willie Bloomquist!
    --Matt Kelsey