Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jeff Bezos is Santa, or maybe Santa is Jeff Bezos...

With Christmas coming,
a funny idea (among many) coursed through my head.

Where do you think the idea for came from?

Whether Jeff Bezos knows it or not, he got the idea from Santa Claus.

Just imagine what it is like tonight at the various Amazon distribution centers and at Fed Ex and UPS. Why, it's just as you always imagined the North Pole, is it not?

Amazon has morphed into the exact idea of the North Pole. I ordered everything from books to a basketball goal at Amazon this year. So did a lot of other people. And, just like Santa, Amazon always comes through.

In fact, Amazon works from "wish lists" just like the letters kids have always sent to Santa.

And, in these modern times, why, you can't get the job done with a sleigh and reindeer. You've got, instead, a fleet of trucks and planes. Same concept, different vehicle. Who would have imagied you could order a basketball goal one day and receive it the next? Only Santa can pull off such a trick, right?

The inspiration for Fed Ex and UPS? You got it... Santa Claus.

So, if you go back a few years and you imagine the young entrepreneur sitting around a table in a local tavern with a few buddies trying to come up with the next big thing, well you might as well imagine Jeff Bezos thinking, hey, Santa Claus. Now that's the business I should be in.

(BTW: Amazon just sent me a message as I was writing this telling me a very important present from Santa is on the way... guaranteed to arrive on Christmas Eve...)

You know, maybe Santa Claus is Jeff Bezos. Or, maybe Jeff Bezos is just a front for Santa Claus. I mean, how else do you fund all these toys?

--Lofflin .... stuffed full of Christmas cookies, ham sandwiches and redskin peanuts and hoping Santa has a new ball glove (maybe a Nokona infielder's mitt ... I have plans my manager doesn't know about...) in his bag.

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