Saturday, March 27, 2010

You know you're a Royals fan when...

you're listening to
an interview with the general manager

and the radio talker asks him about the shortstop who was the team's player-of-the-year in 2008

who is hitting .514 in spring training -- two for four again today --

when the radio talker asks the general manager if the shortstop has earned the utility infield job this spring with his great start

and the general manager replies:"... well, I don't know..."

The utility infield job, for goodnesssake!

And the shortstop who apparently has the job sewn up?

He's hitting .222 this spring with an on base percentage roughly half the "utility" guy's on base percentage after hitting a lusty .245 last season and playing short like a sleep walker.

Oh, and the competition for the utility job? He's hitting .157 this spring with eight games to go.

Yep. You know you're a Royal's fan ...

-- Lofflin

“The way I see it is if you go out there and play hard enough and do what you’re supposed to do, everything works itself out.” -- Mike Aviles in today's Star.

Apparently Mike Aviles has never read Man on Spikes... and never met Mike Kutner...

Photograph by Jamie Squire

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