Monday, January 31, 2011

No Frank White?: The Kansas City Royals have neither dollars nor sense

I can't say this loudly enough.

How in the world can the Royals cut Frank White's salary and boot him out of their fold?

This is a perfect example of the organization's complete lack of history. In the first place, he should be in the dugout. Any organization with any sense would have a man of his stature and talent in the dugout. He is a proven teacher and a proven manager.

The only reason he is not in the dugout is because he is a threat to anyone else who manages this club.

But if the brass and the parade of managers are too cowardly to put Frank White in the dugout, he should be somewhere in the fold -- no matter how much it takes in dollars and sense to keep him there.

My goodness, there is a statue of him at the stadium. But no him. How can this be?

--Lofflin, with smoke coming out of my ears...

Photo credit: shpckzilla

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