Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Credit where credit is due

Sorry I haven't chimed in for a while. I've been going ninety-to-nothing at my job and another blog, but I've been reading John's great stuff and looking at his fantastic photos with rapt interest.

But I wanted to drop a quick line to hand out some credit for great customer service. Since I currently work in an industry where customer service is crucial, and since I've been learning that people who receive bad customer service will tell 10 of their friends about it but people who receive great customer service only tell four friends, I think it's important to give credit where it's due.

For that other website, I do business with a company called Go Daddy. I'm sure you've seen their obnoxious commercials, especially during the Super Bowl. They're a website hosting service. And in the managing of my blog, I've run into a few wrinkles that I couldn't work out through the company's website. I've had to call and talk to a human being.

But Go Daddy makes it pretty damn easy. Their toll-free customer service number is plastered at the top of their homepage. When you call the number, you have the choice to enter your customer number. Don't have it? That's okay. The wait time is about ten seconds before your call is routed to a real live human.

All the customer service associates I've spoken to are friendly, professional and efficient. It's a real "Wow" experience to deal with them.

In this age of cynicism, it sounds silly, I'm sure, to hear somebody praise a company for customer service. But I don't care. The only way to change a cynical world is to reject the status quo.

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