Monday, October 3, 2011

Some images of playoff games in Kansas City -- file under ancient,heartbreaking but wonderful history

With major league baseball playoffs
in full swing, I thought I'd go through my archives (boxes) looking for photographs I took of the classic heartbreaking Kansas City Royals -- New York Yankees playoff battles of the late 1970s. This image of Fred Patek laying down a bunt is from 1977, I think. Who can you identify on the Yankee bench in the background? Wonder if you can recognize anyone in the stands.

This was Game Five. Patek batted lead-off but went oh-for-five.

I'll post some others later this week.



  1. Billy Martin and Yogi are the only ones I can peg for certain; maybe Dick Howser, third from right? As far as the stands, is that Ewing an Muriel in the third row on the left? In front of them, there's a guy in the second row who kinda looks like Jay Leno, and behind them in the fourth row is a Mr. Rogers look-alike.

  2. Oh my lord, it is the Kauffmans. That's wonderful. Ron Guidry with the handlebar mustache? Is that Lou Pinnella under the cap? And would that glove belong to Thurman Munson?

  3. Notice you don't see anyone looking down at their text machine or waving manically at the television camera.

  4. And you see many more suits than T-shirts. Also, surprisingly, very few baseball caps.
    By the way - you'd think the Kauffmans could get front-row seats! But maybe Mrs. Kauffman was afraid of foul balls...