Monday, May 21, 2012

The Great Hos falters and the fans want to see Clint... Kansas City fans get the team they so richly deserve

You knew it had to come.

It was inevitable. You waited for it like the other shoe.

Fans of the Kansas City Royals are as dysfunctional as their ballclub.

Just two years ago they were crying and whining to see Eric Hosmer out of Omaha and into a Royals' uniform. One fan went so far as to curse Billy Butler for hitting .300. That's a fact, hard as it is to believe. Butler's crime, other than reaching base every third at bat?

By hitting .300 he was holding back Eric Hosmer, keeping the first baseman/savior of the franchise in Omaha.

Or, as the fan put it, 'Keeping us from seeing what Hos can do.'

Hey, it's ok to call him 'Hos.' You're a fan. Almost a buddy.

And, finally, the Royals' brain trust brought The Hos up. The Hos delivered. Last year he looked like the real deal.

But now? Well... now The Hos is hitting just .170, though the apologists see .170 as mere statistical illusion given he is raking the ball, but raking it, unfortunately, right into defenders' gloves.

So, it had to happen and today it did. Fans started squirming , getting agitated, whining, about The Hos because now he is holding back Clint Robinson, keeping him in Omaha. "Time to see what Clint can do," one brilliant baseball mind posted beneath today's game story in the Kansas City Star.

Kansas City fans get the team they deserve.


Photograph courtesy MLBi.

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