Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy blows hard against the big government campaign line... ideology meets its match -- Conservatives to the East Coast: "Man up... do it yourself!"

As the sun rises on the East Coast, you have to wonder how those vocal legions of small government people will feel today about the use of federal dollars to rebuild their homes, neighborhoods, cities and states.

Millions without power, subway system flooded with salt water, debris everywhere, weeks of economic lethargy in the offing, the purpose of government -- big shouldered capable government -- has never been more clear.

It will be interesting to see which small-government governor turns down federal disaster funds first. Time for Gov. Christie to put his mouth where the money is. Just say 'No,' governor.  You don't need no stinking bailout. Your people don't consider themselves entitled. They'll pull themselves up by the bootstraps without help from anyone. They'll do it themselves. Why add to the crushing national debt over a little thing like this? New Jersey is certainly not about to put rebuilding on the federal credit card.

Hurricane Sandy just blew the straw man of big-government to bits.

Interesting, too, how the scare ads on the dangers of socialism, the virtues of coal, the need for energy exploration, the dangers of universal health care, or Todd Akin seem so pale in Sandy's wake.

--Lofflin, meaning no disrespect to the hard road these plain old people face today...

PPS: The New York Times published a provocative essay on this subject today. Highly recommended.

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