Friday, March 29, 2013

I don't give a damn about the weather; spring has sprung... just listen to it

I remember the day my wife gave me cardinals. Not the St. Louis Cardinals. Not a St. Louis Cardinals' baseball cap. Not even a single cardinal held captive in a bird cage.

Cardinals, plural. All cardinals. Forever.

That was the day she gave me the words to their song. Pretty...pretty...pretty....pretty...

That's all. Just the words. Since then, I've owned them. Thing is, they were always there. I just didn't know it. They were just part of the static of the city, along with the dump trucks, police sirens, tree saws, car doors banging, kids squealing, and the ringing in my ears.

Now, at this moment, I hear them as clearly as if they are calling my name. And, I'm ready. Ready to fly. Ready to put this long late winter to rest.


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