Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just sayin'... Billy Beane traded for Callaspo today, Ibanez in trade rumors, Royals looking for a second baseman... it all makes you wonder about the Brain Trust despite a .500 season so far

Royals hunt for second baseman.

Just a quick hit on this today. The Royals' Brain Trust says it is searching for a second baseman at the trade deadline. Apparently, nobody who has played the position this year is satisfactory for a playoff run.

No question the Royals need a second baseman. They have needed a second baseman since Frank White.

The interesting notion that the Royals are buyers instead of sellers -- or would-be sellers... you have to have something someone else wants to be a seller -- at the trade deadline tells you life is better in the executive suite and on the field.

Now, this thought certainly goes back a ways and is probably unfair. It has, however, stuck in my craw a while.

In 2010, the Royals traded Alberto Callaspo to the Angels at this time of year for two pitchers, Sean O'Sullivan and Will Smith. Callaspo was yet another player the Royals' Brain Trust thought wouldn't amount to much, despite showing promise. Think Raul Ibanez.

Ibanez, by the way, has hit 24 home runs this year and is mentioned in several trade rumors today. O'Sullivan, has pitched 19 innings and given up 23 hits for San Diego in 2013. Smith has been up and down I-29 this season, with little success here.

Today, Billy Beane traded a number one draft choice for Callaspo as the first-place A's prepared for a stretch run. What did the A's need?

A second baseman.


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