Monday, January 4, 2010

Here's a great Web site for writers

If anybody's interested, my query letter for my recently-completed but yet-to-be-published novel, "The Rough on the Diamond," has been uploaded onto The Public Query Slushpile.

The Slushpile is a great Web site for aspiring novelists. It's a place where query letters (basically, the pitch letter novelists use to entice literary agents) are posted, and other novelists and interested readers can make comments and criticisms.

I've already received several very insightful and helpful comments, but I could always use more - so log on and comment away!

--Matt Kelsey

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  1. Matt, you want to print a copy and mail it to the Library of Congress right away to copyright it. Also, there is a place you can copyright the potential screenplay, but I can't recall it right now.