Friday, January 15, 2010

River Blindness: Limbaugh and Robertson set the standard for those lost in religion and politics to the exclusion of their human brothers...

Two of the most ridiculous statements to come along in the new century came from Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh yesterday, one attributing the earthquake in Haiti to the practice of voodoo in 1729 (suggesting the good news of the earthquake is a new beginning for a cursed people) and the other discouraging gifts to relief efforts because 1) you already gave through your tax dollars and 2) you will wind up on an Obama re-election campaign mailing list.

If you can think, and you can see, and you can feel, and you're human, then the devastation in Haiti will convince you of the total insensitivity of both pronouncements ... no matter what your politics or religion.

If you need more convincing, here is an excellent blog from the New York Times' Nicholas Kristof making the case. It is calm and reasoned. It also responds in a positive manner to the issue of how we could have allowed such poverty in our own sphere of influence in the first place.

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