Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another update you didn't know you wanted and an unbelievable minor league video you must see

First the update:

Tony Pena Jr., has been called up to Triple A Fresno from Double A Richmond but the results so far haven't been encouraging. The former Royals' shortstop posted a 2.53 era at Richmond with impressive numbers to boot. But pitching for the Grizzlies he has surrendered 20 runs in 11 innings and change.

Last night he came in for the seventh, gave up a double, a walk, and struck out one -- but no runs. Maybe that's good news. As I said before, you can't help but cheer for the kid.

But you have to see the catch the ball girl made at Chukchan's Park in Fresno. You just won't believe it. Everybody in the park must have been yelling "Sign her up!" ...and they should.

And thanks for the indulgence on my last post. Writing about Moses seemed to help.


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  1. Here's hoping that you realize the video of the ballgirl making the catch is a fake.