Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zack Greinke pitching tonight for the Brewers... the more things change, the more they, unfortunately for the kid, stay the same...

Zack Greinke must feel like he never left Kansas City tonight. He's 84 pitches into a 90-pitch limit opening game in Atlanta. He's behind 5-0 but he has five strikeouts. And the Brewers have made three errors behind him.

At least we've got Bob Uecker, eh?

And now Uni-B, as Ueck calls him, is at the plate. He's at .250 -- on base percentage .294 -- and down in the count oh-two. And now... a strikeout swinging, low and away.

With that, the end of the fourth and Zack is sitting on the bench next to pitching coach Rick Kranitz. Some Kansas City fans will be cheering his less than stellar outing. We're like that, mean spirited when we're jilted. And, leave it to baseball to make you feel jilted.

Personally, I think the Kansas City fans are the ones who have been jilted -- jilted by the tight fisted WalMart folks who bought and milked the team. Their success so far this season is a thing of beauty. Let's hope the brain trust has indeed found a way to make something out of nothing.

And from this poor writer, some hope Greinke has found a better home and will light up the National League this summer. He deserves it.


Image courtesy Piat Pat Toes. My, Zack has aged, eh?

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