Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aqua Clara here we come

If this is your ballclub for the season, Mr. Kelsey, I feel sorry for you. Even the Perkinsville Scarlets have got a better chance at the series than this outfit. Actually, I feel sorry for any ballclub that don't have such as Sad Sam Yale, or Sid Goldman, or Ugly, or Canada suiting up. Even a club without Bruce Pearson is not a good 1 because Bruce is the sort of ballplayer who is not a punk and can cheer up a locker room even if he don't mean to and can't buy a hit.

You would have a better bunch of boys even if your 3rd string catcher is Piney Woods especially when his thinking is on baseball and not motorcycles or women, which is not that often but when it is he can be a big help. And you, Mr. Kelsey, would have to be a great manager, a manager made in heaven, to be better than the braintrust of Dutch, Egg and Joe.

If I was you, I'd ask for a new draw. This baseball fantasy game sounds a lot like Tegwar to me.

This was the time of year when I always begun thinking about baseball and not shoveling snow or another log on the fire. I had daughters and a wife so that made a difference. My flipper always got itchy to be with the boys down in Aqua Clara drilling for the new season right about now.

-- Henry W. Wiggen

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  1. I tried to draft Henry Wiggen, but he was picked in the first round... Do you think a trade of Grady Sizemore, Dice-K and Vlad Guerrero would be fair for Author?
    --Matt Kelsey