Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"He's not on an island, you know?" Teixeira said on Tuesday. "A lot of people think that this is going to tear the team apart. I think it's going to bring the team together. It's a family in here, and we're just going to be there for our friend."
--MLB.com , Bryan Hoch

How stupid do they think their fans are? You're there for the World Series check, you chump. If the DEA knocked on your door, you'd flip on A-Rod in a heartbeat.

--Lofflin, laughing his butt off


  1. The idea this controversy is going to galvanize the team is laughable.

    And who is Teixeria kidding? A family?? After what? Two or three meetings or interactions with A-Rod and the rest of the team?

    Torre got out just in time. What a cluster.

  2. Have to quote Cindy Lauper, ZSS. "Money changes everything." What galvanizes a professional team is green. If A-Rod were hitting .230 and filling in around the infield, he'd be roadkill. He's the ticket to the World Series check, and, by god, we're going to stand behind him. Not that any of this is really new. Read Greenberg's excellent novel "The Celebrant." Can't recall the name now, but the 20s sported a major league firstbasemen who was generally considered an expert at shaving runs and throwing games. The only difference is that in those days the money was being made by owners and gamblers. One thing about the big money today is that you have to guess it makes the players less susceptible to gamblers. Then, of course, there's Pete Rose and, allegedly, some NHL players with underworld "connections." Ah, well...

    If you really want to see somewhat untainted baseball, you have to go to a small college game or two. Tom Wolfe more or less had it right in 1965: "The Last American Hero is Junior Johnson. Yes!" Here's the link: http://www.esquire.com/features/life-of-junior-johnson-tom-wolfe-0365