Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is MY Hummer; aren't you jealous

Photo: John Lofflin

This is MY Hummer. I made this image last August, and, right on time, she's back this year.

This is the joy of my summer. Listening to all the static about health care mobs (free speech is sometimes ugly -- live with it), John Bolton on why we should have let the two journalists stay in jail (who didn't know he hates journalists? -- if only these two had worked for FOX news instead of the dreaded Al Gore...), trials of dissidents in Iran (Will get fooled again), the Manny and David show, well-crafted (boiler plate?) confessions of football player thugs, and, don't forget, daily broadcasts of the 2009 Kansas City Royals nightmare (Nightmare on Brett Avenue, coming to a theater near you), after all that, standing at the window or sitting on the front porch and watching one of these magnificent creatures dart through the air is an instant reminder we are probably not the best adapted species on the planet.

All intellectualizing aside, it is just glorious to watch them at work, and at such close distances.

This Hummer, by the way, moves like a dart in all directions, has no competitors, and exhibits perfect fuel efficiency.

-- Lofflin

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