Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bigamy in the suburbs: Oh what tangled webs we weave...

OK, if you need a laugh on this dreary, dreary day, go to this wonderful story in the Kansas City Star.

Joe Lambe got an interview with one of the women in the alleged bigamy case in one of our prominent southern suburbs. It is a dozy. The long-time wife's response to the new wife is worth the price of admission: "It's always something with him," she reportedly said when the second wife confronted her.

No kidding.

You couldn't make this stuff up. Fiction writers, eat your hearts out.

I can't improve on Lambe's droll retelling, so I won't try, except to say it is a testament to the raw power of unembellished journalistic prose. But, I will say this: Don't miss the comments section below the story.

It appears a lot of guys think one wife is quite enough. Or, as one guy wrote under the preliminary story, one mother-in-law is sufficient trouble for any man. Two? You could feel him shudder as he typed.

And some guys wonder about the alleged bigamist's ability to keep two women "happy", or, as Muddy Waters delicately puts it, "satisfied." This is (occasionally) a family blog, so no comment will be made on this particular issue.

Cold rain. A stack of papers to grade. Milk shake skies. No ball to play and the prospect of no ball to watch. I needed a good laugh this morning as much as I needed a strong cup of coffee. Thanks, Joe.


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  1. Yeah, that was a great story. I'm glad the Star gave it top-right placement on A1. I gotta say, it's pretty gutsy (and pretty stupid) for the guy to keep both his wives in THE SAME APARTMENT COMPLEX!!!
    --Matt Kelsey