Thursday, October 1, 2009


Anyone else wishing the Royals could find a way to get rid of Trey Hillman and hire recently-fired Indians manager Eric Wedge?

Maybe we wouldn't even have to fire Hillman. Maybe just "promote" him. Make him, I don't know, Royals Director of Faith-Based Programs or something like that. Or he could be the head of our Japanese scouting department and bring us more gems like Yasuhiko Yabuta.

Or, maybe we could trade Hillman to the Indians for Wedge. They're lookin' for a new manager!

We might even have a selling point. It's gonna come right down to the wire this year to see which of the two teams finishes in last place. And, besides, Wedge couldn't make his team win with a center fielder named Sizemore and a DH named Hafner in his lineup. Hillman is giving Kansas City basically the same record with a center fielder named Maier (who?) and a DH named Jacobs (why?).

So come on, Indians! Just send ol' Eric down here. We'll take him off your hands!

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