Friday, November 6, 2009

Get thee to the Hen House Holiday Celebration

The lovely wife and I took a trip to the Overland Park Convention Center this afternoon for the Hen House Holiday Celebration.

It was awesome.

Five bucks each for admission. Then, they loaded up our Hen House shopping card with $500 worth of assorted coupons and discounts. And then, oh my God, there were the free food samples.

We had our lunch there. I kid you not, we each got probably 50 samples, ranging from pizza to honey-baked ham to cookies and crackers and orange juice and apple cider and egg nog and ice cream. We left the place stuffed to the gills with food.

If you're not doing anything Saturday or Sunday, you need to go to this event. It's worth it even if you don't shop at Hen House. But if you do shop at Hen House and you don't go, you're just missing out on free food and cheaper grocery bills.

--Matt Kelsey

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