Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Indefensible Position: for breaking news and event coverage, Fox News is the best

As much as I hate to give any praise whatsoever to Fox News, but I have to admit: when there's breaking news, like the recent Balloon Boy fiasco, or a big, live event, like today's Fort Hood memorial service, Fox News offers the best coverage among the cable news stations.

Usually when a big event happens and I'm home to watch it, I find myself flipping between the cable networks to find the best coverage. More often than not I land on Fox. For the memorial service today, Fox was being by far the most respectful. MSNBC featured Brian Williams interviewing some no-names who added nothing to the dialogue, and over at CNN Wolf Blitzer, perhaps the dumbest person among the big-time names in TV news, was blathering on in his idiotic manner.

Fox News let the images tell the story. For several minutes leading up to the beginning of the service, Fox News anchors stayed silent while the cameras panned over images of soldiers in mourning. Powerfully effective, it was.

But breaking news and live events are the only times I'll turn to Fox. I can't stomach their biased and ignorant coverage the rest of the time.

--Matt Kelsey

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