Monday, November 9, 2009

How far LJ has fallen

The Kansas City Chiefs released Larry Johnson today, ending the drama surrounding a player who has been almost nothing but trouble since he was drafted in the first round six years ago.

I say "almost" because, of course, at one time Larry Johnson was the undisputed star of this team and one of the two best running backs in the whole National Football League, division rival LaDanian Thomlinson being the other.

But now... this has gotta be some kind of rock-bottom for the guy.

I don't at all agree with the Chiefs' decision to release him. Yes, he said some boneheaded things (definitely the homosexual slurs were uncalled for, but what he said about Todd Haley really ain't that far off the mark, is it? Still, he shouldn't have said it) and he should have been punished for them. But the best punishment for LJ is to make him continue playing for the Chiefs. I think Jason Whitlock said it best a few weeks back (and I'm paraphrasing): Let LJ run the ball 35 times a game the rest of the season. We aren't gonna win any more games, so why not just let him grind away? Get every penny's worth out of him.

Now I'm sure LJ will sign with another team, where he'll be running with that famous "chip on his shoulder." He'll probably run for a thousand yards this season wearing somebody else's uniform.

--Matt Kelsey

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