Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Landsberg right about awards culture; awards are journalistic poison -- like too much bar-b-que

Awards are poison.

John Landsberg has an excellent take today on Awards Culture. His thoughts about the Star's over-the-top play of their school district award pitch is dead-on. Why save it all up for a start of school series? Why not cover the nitty gritty of what happens in Kansas City Missouri schools every damned day?

And that doesn't mean just the terrible stuff.

And why not do a monthly analysis of who gets the contracts and who makes the money from school district funds by untangling the data base so we know who owns what? Why not investigate some of these "canned" programs school districts buy? Why not cover the Kansas City Board of Education meetings like a duck on a bug. Why not ... the list is long and anybody could add to it. The fact is, the Star couldn't assign too many of its crack reporters to this story. It may be the most important story in this entire community with ramifications all the way to Smithville and Stanley.

--Lofflin... "So, a lot of minor league prospects doing well right now; the Royals behind 3-0 in this game today..." Bob Davis in the fifth inning at Detriot this afternoon

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