Sunday, August 1, 2010

The bottomline on why we've had nothing new from Star (both the newspaper and the writer) columnist since May? Will he write again soon?

Just a quick pitch this morning:

Bottomline Communication in Kansas City has been reporting on strife at the Kansas City Star's sports desk this week. Editor Holly Lawton has resigned, they report. Speculation about her replacement includes the idea McClatchy may try to save money by combining the Kansas City and Wichita sport desks, or bringing the Wichita sports desk to Kansas City. And, juiciest, Bottomline offers a possible reason why we haven't seen anything new from Jason Whitlock since his all-over-the-place tirade against the NCAA in May .

According to Bottomline's sources, Whitlock has long been troubled by the editing process. "Insiders have said for years that Whitlock's columns frequently require significant editing. Reportedly, Whitlock does not like anyone editing with his work, or even offer(ing) suggestions for improvement ... ," Bottomline writes.

I understand this. It is a problem I often have working with freshman journalism students.

One commentator says let Mr. Whitlock's stories run un-edited so everyone can see the raw material and decide or themselves.

No offense meant to Lawton's efforts, but I always thought they were unedited.

-- Lofflin

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