Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Royals coming apart at the seams; Greinke and Butler know how this flick ends

They're like bad marriages, these bad teams.

Everything comes undone the same way. The warmth of spring spreads hope all will finally be well. And in the heat of August, hope wilts.

Then the bickering begins. The friends take sides.

The brain trust would like for you to believe all is well, this marriage can (once again) be saved. Just be patient. Visit the pastor. Redefine the roles. Work on the small things. Do the dishes with a smile.

But the players (on the team and in the marriage) know different.

In the past week the only two players on this team who would start on any .500 or better major league team have aired grievances. They are inside. They know the thing is coming apart.

Why? They've seen it before. As young as they are for major leaguers, they've seen it before twice.

Greinke and Butler. They know how this movie ends.

And what about the fans? Like some of the friends of the marriage, they've turned on them. Disloyal, they shout. Flawed. Greinke needs to pitch like his old self. Butler can't line up properly for the relay from the outfield. Greinke better shut up and win. Butler needs to grow up and hit for power.

Fans, like friends of the marriage, are fickle. But, like Butler and Greinke, they've also been here before. Some for more than half a century. They all know how the movie ends. Or should know.

It's time for the fans to realize this impossible marriage between Kansas City and Major League Baseball aint gonna work. Ever.

But, unfortunately, they all know next spring they will let themselves be filled with hope again. And by August, they will feel betrayed.


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