Friday, September 25, 2009

Awesome police chase, stupid criminal

If you haven't seen the story about a police chase in Kansas City today, you will. I'm guessing this one might even make national news. The local NBC station had an amazing video of the end of the chase. (Since this is a breaking story, and I didn't want a broken link, the above link goes to the KSHB homepage, where you should easily be able to find the story.)

The basics: Man steals tow truck in Johnson County, man gets chased through KCK by police, man drives into Missouri, man drives toward Kansas City International Airport, man wrecks into taxicab, man tries to flee on foot, man gets his ass handed to him by a tackling police officer.

What makes the story great is the driver's decision to drive into the airport. First of all, the only way to get out of KCI is to go back the way you came - right into the arms of the law. Second of all, KCI has its own well-trained, armed police force. Maybe he was planning to break into one of the terminals and catch a flight to Fiji.

Anyway, watch the local news tonight. It's a good thing.

--Matt Kelsey

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