Saturday, September 5, 2009

What has the nation come to?

It's a sad day in this country when the President of the United States, be it a Democrat or a Republican, black or white, can't speak to the the nation's youth without a gigantic political uproar by the president's opponents.

Are parents really concerned that President Obama will try to change their children in some way? That's just patently ridiculous. He's gonna tell them to study hard and stay in school. And when that message comes from the president, I think it might carry a little more weight with kids than it would coming from mom or dad or Mrs. Crumplebottom.

I've tried to pretend I'm impartial. What if I had kids in the school system when George W. Bush was president? Would I have minded if President Bush gave an address to my children and all their peers in school, even though I disagreed with many of his policies?

NO! Of course I wouldn't have minded! As much as I didn't care for Mr. Bush, I still respected him as the President of the United States. I even went well out of my way to see the man speak once during his visit to Kansas City.

So let's give our president - who was elected by a landslide, by the way - the benefit of the doubt. Let him encourage your kids, for God's sake. Maybe they'll actually listen.

-- Matt Kelsey


  1. Boy, I second that! We have a tradition in this country of accepting the results of our elections which seems to be disolving rapidly. Think of the endless challenge in Minnesota to the senate election and the chalenge of the 2004 presidential election. Now, even after a landslide, a lot of people are unwilling to accept the result. They are even going so far as to challenge the birthplace of the candidate. Guess they just can't accept the fact that a person of color is actually an American. Very telling. Their little world has turned upside down, and it is a bit hard to feel sorry for them. And now this silliness. Indeed, what have we come to, as a people? Thanks for raising the issue, Matt.


  2. I still beleive that it comes down to one thing...racism. People can deny it all they want but too many people, deep down inside, have a problem with someone of another ethnic background leading this country.