Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A brilliant woman's perspective on the Hillman situation

After I wrote this post about how I believed Trey Hillman was being delinquent in his duties by missing six regular season games and part of Spring Training to be at the bedside of his dying father-in-law, I bounced my arguments off my wife Jamie, who also happens to be the smartest person I know.

I laid out my arguments in a clear and concise manner. When I was done, she gave me a stern look.

"If my father had died," she said, "I would be a wreck. I'd need you there with me."

Of course, she's right.

While I still believe Trey Hillman was delinquent for missing part of Spring Training and some early-season games, I can't fault the man for cutting out now, when the season is a shambles anyway, to go to the funeral. Not for his father-in-law, but for his wife.

As usual, my wonderful wife was the one who set me straight. We'll be celebrating our sixth anniversary later this month. It's been the six happiest years of my life.

-- Matt Kelsey


  1. I'm practically speechless...enjoy it while it lasts :)

    --Brilliant Wife

  2. Jamie does indeed make an excellent point. I'm sure that would also be my response -- to take off as many days as my wife needed, and to mourn myself. However, allow me to come to Matt's aid here. The point is this: The next time a player's father-in-law dies, he also deserves three days off. I do see a movement in this direction in major league baseball to humanize the rules. Look at the number of players being given appropriate amounts of time off for mental issues. This is how it should be.

  3. Great point on the mental issues, John. Seems like lots of teams have dealt with that recently, including the Royals a couple years ago with Greinke.
    --Matt Kelsey