Friday, September 17, 2010

"Gift of the Game" truly is a gift

Everyone should have a friend who is a librarian.
My great librarian friend is Ann Schultis. Ann Schultis can find anything. No article, book or movie is obscure enough to hide from her.

Ann found the Randy Wayne White DVD called "Gift of the Game", the video about the trip the novelist/catcher White took with Bill "Spaceman" Lee to Cuba a few years ago. I referred to it in the previous post. She found it at Unfortunately, they only had one and --- And, well... I bought it five minutes ago.
However, check back because more copies are bound to show up at Amazon. For 15 bucks you won't be disappointed. As Ann said, this will surely warm a snowy night in January.

Last night as we were leaving the ball field in disappointment, towing our bats and gloves in bags grown heavy across the summer, we were saying how much we'll miss playing ball come January snow. But, one of the guys -- a shortstop named Terry who still has wheels after 60 -- just looked at our tired faces and grinned.

"I'm playing in a tournament in February," he said.
"How the hell is this possible?" we asked.
"In the Metrodome," he crowed. "It will be wonderful."

Man, I wish they needed a catcher or a pitcher, or just a guy to buy beer and pick up bats.


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