Monday, February 6, 2012

The divorce is final, Some relationship advice for Missouri and Kansas basketball fans

Border War? come on.

No aspect of a college basketball game can be responsibly described as war. The Star's ombudsman may think it's silly to question his newspaper's poor choice of words. His tepid work on most others subjects speaks for itself. But the folks who have complained to him about the use of 'war' as a description of a basketball game, deserved more than a snicker.

War it is not.

Over, it is.

Missouri divorced the Big 12, not the other way around. Like all divorces, the split left hard feelings on both sides, but certainly more hard feelings on the divorcee's side. Like all divorces, the reasons don't really matter. The fact is, once you divorce you are -- if you are mentally healthy -- not going to date each other again.

This divorce is nearly final. The two sides have one more court date and it doesn't promise to be congenial. This is the time for Missouri and their fans to move on. You're part of the SEC now. Make some friends there. Date someone else. Build a relationship you can fashion into a rivalry.

KU will always have Kansas State to rival. Not a bad natural foe. Of course, KU also has a natural rivalry with Duke and a pretty special desire to beat North Carolina.

It is a shame money is driving a wedge into big time college basketball rivalries. It's 2012, and as Cindy Lauper said, money changes everything. The bottomline here is this relationship -- no matter how storied -- is over.

The divorce will soon be final; stop asking your ex if he wants to take you out to dinner for your birthday. He's moving on and so should you.


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