Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here's a link to my belated Mardi Gras radio show

This is a little like
following Bruce Springsteen to the stage. Sometimes you just don't want to cover up the post on top. Beautifully said, Matt.

Ah well. Here's the message. I finally figured out how to make a podcast (whatever that is) of my weekly radio show on KGSP. I love doing this show and I'm really honored to be asked back on the air by the students. I started doing the show 20-plus years ago and have enjoyed the company of several students who wanted to learn about jazz and share their own understanding with me. Among them were well-known Kansas Citians John Trozzolo and Robert Moore.

Yes, THE Robert Moore of Sonic Spectrum fame. My favorite image of Robert is an impromptu baseball game we organized against another class on the women's softball field. Robert played third base like a champ -- barefoot. I do not think I have ever seen anything quite like that. Barefoot.

Ah, a California boy. I think it was Robert who told me about seeing a highschool championship baseball game in which the opposing pitchers were Brett Saberhagen and John Elway. Elway, he said, won 1-0.

Oh, forgot to give you the link. Here it is. This was my belated Mardi Gras show. I'm going to post my Tom Waitsesque show from Feb. 19th later tonight and I'll post tomorrow's show next week.

Of course, if you can tune in live, please do. Noon (central) Wednesdays. 90.5 FM if you're in certain parts of Kansas City. www.park.edu/kgsp if you are not.


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