Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweeney's back

I just read this post my favorite blog (other than The Henry Wiggen Blog, of course), Mike Sweeney signed a minor league contract with the Seattle Mariners.

A few months ago, Sweeney said he wanted one more chance to be a successful major leaguer again. And I really hope he succeeds.

I have nothing but good memories from his days in Kansas City. He's criticized for spending too much time on the disabled list after signing a huge contract with the Royals. But I don't blame him for getting hurt. When he was healthy, he was a monster.

Sweeney's not the only old Royal in the news today. The Arizona Diamndbacks are reportedly showing interest in 41-year-old Tom Gordon. Flash Freakin' Gordon. Good for him.

Here's hoping the 2009 Royals are as good as the memories we have of some great former Royals.

--Matt Kelsey

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