Monday, January 26, 2009

Another baseball tell-all book in the news

After reading John Lofflin's post below about Jay McGwire's tell-all book on the subject of his brother Mark's steroid use, I saw this story about former New York Yankees manager and current Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre penning a tell-all book of his own. The book, which has not yet been released, apparently refers to Yankees star Alex Rodriguez as "A-Fraud," and has unkind words about other Yankee players and management.

As a fan of the small-market KC Royals, I don't have a problem with someone bashing the Yankees. But it seems a little risky and arrogant for Torre to write this book while he's still a manager in Major League Baseball, albeit the National League.

So with this book, is Torre saying he'd never consider managing for the Yankees again? Is his current job going to be his LAST managing job? Can we expect this kind of hit piece on the Dodgers' management when Torre leaves the team?

--Matt Kelsey

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