Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A few thoughts from Author

I have never in my life heard such garbage as all this. And I am 1 person who has heard plenty of garbage, especially out of that Krazy Kress character that 1,000,000 clucks seem to believe is true. What I do not understand is why baseball cannot be just baseball. Red tells me this is a natural feeling for a baseball player such as I but he says the clucks need something to cluck about all winter so naturally they want to know things about our private life, whatever that may be. Or they want to know what goes on in the clubhouse which is pretty much just a lot of sweat and the fellows getting dressed and undressed and shaved and such. But the clucks want to know if we like each other and the answer is sometimes but not all the time. You can ask Dutch or Joe Torre, whichever comes first.

Now, why should I care what sort of thing some big fat home run hitter has put into his body before he comes to the plate? If my fastball is good, he isn't going to see it 1 time anyway. And if he does, so what? He hits it out of the park and I get a new ball. Red says that is the time 1 must bear down. Aaron says the same thing. That's when you find out what a fellow is made of.

The real problem here is insurance. If these ballplayers are putting dangerous things in their own bodies, that is nobody's business, especially Krazy Kress. But, you just have to wonder if they have the proper insurance laid back against the future.

Now, about this Greinke character. I just hope he has a good catcher like Red Traphagen to keep him on the right track. Not a crazy 1 like Piney Woods. Like me, Greinke thinks 2 much sometimes. I have found that thinking 2 much and baseball do not mix that well. The braintrust of the Mammoths do the thinking for us, only they don't always mix that well either. Now that I am a veteran, I will only trust what Red has to say and Aaron and pop and nobody else where baseball is concerned. I forgot Holly. She is 1 person I will trust on about any subject, baseball or life. So, let us hope Greinke has a good catcher like Red and not a dumb one like Piney Woods no matter what he hits.

-- Henry (Author) Wiggen

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