Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Russian funeral business in grave state

Do you remember television when only the program you were watching was on the screen?

Remember how easy it was to focus on the game, for example, or to understand what Walter Concrete was saying?

Do you remember a world where we acknowledged this simple truth -- the human mind is only capable of doing one thing well at a time?

Now, to the crawl. As I have made abundantly clear, I hate the crawl. I would embrace a technological innovation which permitted me to turn the crawl off. If, if fact, you know of such a gadget please let me know.

Here are a few crazy crawls from the past week or so:

“Solar Tsunami data will predict earth havoc.”

“For every green job two regular jobs will be lost.”

“Russian funeral business in grave state.”

“Doctors remove small fir tree from lung of Russian man.”

Feel free to add more crazy crawls to the list.



  1. Just saw this one on CNN: "Madoff's Mets tickets a bargain."
    And how about this for generic: "Fired professor sues school."
    --Matt Kelsey

  2. One more thing, John- As for technological improvements, may I suggest a piece of duct tape covering the bottom 2 inches of your television screen?