Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day (sort of)

Stupid Chicago snowstorm.

I had planned my day around watching the Royals begin their march to glory today against the Chicago White Sox, but the game was delayed because of winter weather in the Windy City. So I'm reduced to watching the games on ESPN.

Right now, it's Yankees-Orioles, with the insufferable Joe Morgan in the broadcast booth. But a pretty decent game between the Mets and Reds concluded a few minutes ago. The Mets, who won 2-1 on strong pitching by Johan Santana, J.J. Putz and K-Rod, look pretty damn good. I think they're the team to beat in the National League this year.

During commercial breaks, I'm still reading through the Kansas City Star's Royals preview section. If you haven't seen it, pick up a Sunday paper at your local gas station. It's a good read, with a lot of lengthy features about your favorite Royals players.

--Matt Kelsey

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