Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calling a mulligan on Opening Day

Disappointing start to the season for the Royals yesterday, but of course there are some things to perk up about - like Gil Meche's awesome seven innings and Mark Teahen's consistently hot bat.

Had to shake my head at the eighth inning decision to leave righty power pitcher Kyle Farnsworth in against Jim "I Crush Righty Power Pitchers" Thome, especially when lefty Mahay was warm and ready to go. I can't add anything that hasn't already been said on sports talk radio today, but I did find Joe Posnanski's column in the Star today interesting. Here's the money quote, after Joe asked Hillman to come out of the clubhouse and answer some questions:

Hillman came out. I told him that I just wanted to know what goes through a manager’s mind in a moment like that. He was not happy with the question.

“I thought you wanted to ask me something else,” he said. “I didn’t know these were game questions.”

Well, I have to admit, that baffled me. I’m not sure if he thought I wanted to ask parenting advice or if he had a pick for the Masters.

But it was just opening day. Now I'm watching Game 2. Gavin Floyd just retired the side in the top of the first, but now Greinke's looking okay - But it doesn't seem we're getting the same wide strike zone the White Sox got.

--Matt Kelsey

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  1. Didn't see that. Great observation, Matt. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. -- Lofflin