Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Segway to Opening Day -- The MLB Blues

Opening Day was a bust. Period. It was too cold most of the places where games were played. Pay attention to the Farmer's Almanac, Major League Baseball. And, Major League Baseball's computer television was a disaster. Nothing worked the way it should, just like last year. The new player was unwatchable. You'd never know from MLB's front page, but if you search inside you can find where they finally acknowledged their problems, kind of like it took a century and the Congress to get them to acknowledge problems with drugs (and greed) in the game.

Of course, the blog MLB touts on the front page reads: "See what fans are raving about" so, as Bill Clinton says, it all rests on your definitions. In this case, the truth rests on your definition of "raving." If you go inside to the "quality questions" forum you find threads labeled: "choppy, choppy, choppy," "stops every 5 to 10 seconds," and "when half the subscribers cancel today..." Now, "horrible" is how to define "raving" in this context. By the sixth inning of the Cardinal's game I was definitely raving.

Sorry for a sour puss report, but sometimes you gotta tell the truth. The world is too full of mendacity to tolerate such shameless shilling.

More later on the latest sorry move at the Star.

--Lofflin, in a better mood than it seems...

PS: It's 8:02 p.m. Central and MLB has taken down the negative threads under the "quality questions" category. Let's review from 1984: Black is white, good is bad, war is peace, A-Rod is clean... Amazing how powerful the Henry Wiggen Blog is.

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  1. It was a pretty sad day yesterday...I wanted the energy of Opening Day, but it was a bit lacking. I didn't have too many issues with MLB tv, but there were some annoying choppy parts. I watched the replay of the Arizona/Colorado game without any issue.

    It was comical to the extent they praised the feature on their frontage though...