Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ESPN, Where in the World is Jon Miller?

It looked like forever for Jon Miller and Joe Morgan on Sunday nights. Until now.

I'm asking again, where is Jon Miller on Sunday Night Baseball? A quick search turned up serious questions about the Miller / Morgan team late last year across the virtual rumor mill. I'm not a Joe Morgan hater; I can take him or leave him. But I'd rather hear Jon Miller call a game than anybody except Vin Scully or Bob Uecker. Sometimes I tune into San Francisco games late at night just to listen to Miller's call.

The only good thing I could see about not playing ball on Sunday nights this year (aside from keeping the peace with Dr. Lofflin, to whom I made a promise to just play two nights a week...) was Sunday Night Baseball. But without Jon Miller, these broadcasts are dull as oatmeal. And, with the former GM in the booth, they've actually become tedius.

OK, ESPN, fess up. Where is Jon Miller?


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