Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A few reflections from All-Star Weekend

I used to love watching re-runs of an old television show called "Home Run Derby" that matched up two sluggers in a home run hitting contest. The matchups were epic, usually something like Mickey Mantle vs. Willie Mays or Hank Aaron vs. Harmon Killebrew. It was awesome.

The Home Run Derby as we know it sucks. I don't have any desire to watch these sweaty, roided-out jerks swing from their ankles on every pitch.

And my goodness, some of them were taking it a little too seriously. Albert Pujols looked like he was at a funeral. At least the winner, Prince Fielder, appeared to be having a good time.

Oh, and one more thing about the Home Run Derby. WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE - Can someone please tell Chris Berman to shut the fuck up?

As far as the All-Star Game pregame show, some of the things were pretty cool. Barack Obama is pretty gutsy for wearing a White Sox jacket to throw out the first pitch. The "All-Stars Among Us" feature with all the living presidents was cool. It's always great to see baseball legends take the field, like Stan Musial and Bob Gibson. (I had a chance to meet Gibson in Cooperstown during the George Brett induction weekend. I've always said even at his age he could still go out there and compete. Same thing goes for Brett, by the way; he could still hit .285 in the big leagues.)

But why the hell didn't Fox show where Obama's pitch landed? What gives?

Also - Really, St. Louis? The giant American flag thing? Real original. I don't mean to sound unpatriotic, but I think that whole trend is really, REALLY played out. Let's retire the giant American flag, once and for all.

As a Royals fan, I'm upset Greinke didn't get the start, but hey, he'll be back.

--Matt Kelsey

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  1. Since I'm in Colorado right now I haven't been up on the Grienke outrage that I'm sure is going on in KC but if he had gotten the start, he also would have gotten an at bat. Also I'm pretty sure that Buhrle was the second pitcher becuase of Obama.

    For the homerun derby, I agree that there needs to be a change. Here is an idea. How about there be three finalists, two with the most homeruns and the third would be the player with the longest homerun, no matter how many he hit. Might change the dynamics of it.

    I liken the homerun derby to the slam dunk contest. For a couple years it was horrible (anyone remember the year that they had a time limit and dunked to music) but they made some changes and it is back to being pretty good. MLB needs to make some changes.