Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gobble-Gobble-Gone: End of an era

The Royals made the inevitable decision to cut Jimmy Gobble today. It's just not worth the money to have him take up a spot in what's shaping up to be one of the best bullpens in Major League Baseball this year.

Although cutting Gobble may seem like just a minor transaction, it actually symbolizes something more significant.

Believe it or not, Jimmy Gobble was the longest-tenured Royal on the roster.

I'm sure this is something the Star will examine more tomorrow. But Gobble had been with the team since 2003. That means EVERY PLAYER on the Royals' major league roster is new since 2004.

That's pretty amazing. I wonder how that compares to other teams in the league.

The results may be questionable, but the Royals have been COMPLETELY rebuilt, just in the past half-decade.

The Royals are not the best team in the league (although I think they have a legitimate shot to win this division), but the fact that they've completely cleaned out the clubhouse since '03 is at least a sign that the team is willing make the changes necessary to win.

Now we're getting good players (Soria, Greinke, Meche) locked up in long-term contracts. That's a positive sign.

Farewell, Jimmy Gobble, and the ghosts of Royals past.

--Matt Kelsey

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