Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'Interesting memories on the long drive'

"Do you collect things?"

"Yes," Fletch said. "People."

"What an interesting thought."

"I don't use people, just collect them. It gives me some interesting memories on the long drive."

"Is that why you're a journalist?"

"I suppose so."

That's an excerpt from Gregory McDonald's book "Fletch Won," which is what I'm reading between baseball books. I love that passage above, because I think it does a pretty great job of summing up what makes a good journalist. Definitely something to ponder.

By the way, if you're looking for a good, funny mystery novel, you could do worse than any of the "Fletch" novels by Gregory McDonald.

--Matt Kelsey

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  1. Matt, thanks for the suggestion. I read Fletch last week based on your recommendation, then picked up three more in the series from the library. McDonald's lean approach to writing took me back to my first days as a journalist, when I really enjoyed the craft, the words flowed naturally and it wasn't so much work. In fact, this recent post on my site was a return to my origninal form (I guess):