Monday, March 16, 2009

Team USA: Moneyballers ugly again

Bush. Arrogant and bush.

Lindstrom gives up a solo to Bryan Englehardt and he has the supreme arrogance to take exception to the way the big boy paused to watch the ball go out. Leading 8-2, no less. So he throws at the next hitter. Way to make a statement USA.

This, after losing by mercy rule Saturday. The message: We have no humility, let alone class. I want to see Lion-strom throw at Manny or A-Rod then next time one of those guys stares at a ball leaving the park. Wonder if he's up to throwing at Big Papi when he flips his bat twenty feet in the air? Bonds never took too long rounding the bases, did he?

Maybe the Lion would like to throw at Jim Thome the next time a White Sox showboats a home run. Showboating? White Sox? Never happens...

Didn't look to me like the Lion wanted much of Englehardt once the hard feelings spilled out of the dugout. All the sudden his right shoulder didn't feel so good...

Almost as bad as Team USA's silliness was the call from the booth. Sutcliff, as usual, played the homer. And his broadcast partner was relentless in assessing how out-classed the Netherlanders were. (His definition of class and mine are quite different.) Funny thing: at the end of the inning, the Netherlanders were outhitting the Money Ballers 12 to 11, but the broadcast crew failed to notice. They were too wrapped up in the minutiae of Englehardt's admiration for the Netherlands' first and only homerun. It was the most animated either had been all night long.

To be frank, both sounded like they wanted to be anywhere but at the ball park. I'm not asking for Vin Scully, but could we please have some modicum of interest in the game from the booth?

I didn't really care if the Netherlanders won. It was just fun to pull for guys with day jobs. But I do care when the Americans manage to besmirch our image in the world one more once.

--Lofflin, glad to have that off my chest... BTW: If the Netherlanders could have scored just four runs a game, how many would they have lost?

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