Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back from a swing out West

Jamie and I have been back in town long enough to wash off the road grit - but mentally, I think we're both still on vacation.

We left on Tuesday and headed first across Kansas on I-70 to Hays, then north to the small town of Logan, where my old friend Ralph is buried. I hadn't been to his grave since he died nearly six years ago.

By then we could smell The West in our noses, so we headed for the mountains and landed in Denver. Spent a night in Denver, then went to Golden, Colorado, where we toured the Coors brewery (Jamie LOVED it - I don't drink, so she got my free samples as well as hers). We skirted the mountains and aimed south to Colorado Springs, a beautiful town with lots to do. Finally, we aimed back east and came home via US 50 through Dodge City (I wouldn't necessarily recommend the Boot Hill Museum - it's cool and all but I don't think it's worth the ten-buck admission fee).

So now we're back home, and I'm trying to get back on a blogging schedule. I finished the next Wiggen book, "A Ticket for a Seamstitch," on the road, so I'll be making posts about it soon.

-- Matt Kelsey, missing the road but glad to be home

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