Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three questions for Royal's fans

Three questions about the Kansas City Royals.

1) Does any team in major league baseball play a worse fielder in right field?

2) Does the inept bullpen cause starting pitchers to reserve more energy for the late innings in self-defense? Concurrent stat question: Have the first four pitchers in the starting rotation of any team thrown more total pitches?

3) At what point will the aces of the staff be completely out of gas? An over/under answer will be fine.


1 comment:

  1. 1. No. Fortunately, I have a hunch help is on the horizon. If I were GM, I'd shop Mike Jacobs - power hitters are in short supply. Then, when Gordon comes of the DL, Teahen becomes the full-time right fielder and Guillen becomes the full-time DH.
    2. I hadn't thought about this. But yeah, I'm sure they do. It's difficult when the GM spends so much money and effort to restock the bullpen with able veterans, and then they can't hold up their end of the game.
    3. I think we're already seeing signs that Greinke is starting to run out of gas. Meche is a gamer, and I bet by the end of the season he's considered the best pitcher on the staff.
    --Matt Kelsey