Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the You-Won't-Believe-This file: Nixon on abortion; "Of course, if you have a white and a black..."

You couldn't make this up.

And, pardon, please, my shock.

New Richard M. Nixon Oval Office tapes were released today, according to the New York Times. They contained a conversation about Roe V. Wade. The president of the United States worried the decision might lead to promiscuity. However, he allowed, abortion might be necessary in some cases.

"There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white... or a rape.”

This is so astounding, I want to yell "stop the presses." But, I did not see or hear it anywhere today. I couldn't find it this morning on the front page of the Kansas City Star Website but I did find six weather stories, yet another Midtown murder story, a Wichita story about a guy hitting his brother with a bat, three Jon&Kate stories and a story offering five steps to a happy marriage.

The Times' headline only said the president of the United States had been "ambivalent" about abortion.

Not ambivalent about race, apparently.

What irony is this. A bare four decades later, the current president of the United States is, indeed, just the sort of baby whose abortion another recent United States president thought justified.

We may have come a long way when we elected Barack Obama, but we sure as hell had a long way to go.

You can follow the Times' link, download the tape, and listen for yourself, if you have the stomach. The statement comes at about 13 minutes 30 seconds into the discussion.

Lofflin -- starting the day disgusted

PostPost: CNN finally got to this story tonight. Anderson Cooper teased it as "shocking." I guess you can't really blame the cable outlets. I mean, we certainly need to know all we can about the governor of South Carolina's bizarre affair.

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