Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy trails Matt; I'll be here til you get back -- also, an autoworker irony

You sure as heck get your money's worth from this blog, eh? Nude puppets. Song lyrics you didn't think you'd ever hear. Surprising food reviews. A rant or two, including one about GM workers that others have linked. (Thanks, Tony) Matt's most recent work on Bang the Drum is wonderful. I have plenty to add. I'll hold down the fort while he's gone.

I did indeed argue De Niro was not a good choice for Bruce Pearson. However, he turned in a credible job with the chew. Give credit where credit is due.

One of the best things about the movie is the dialogue. Mark Harris wrote the screenplay. You can tell the movie has literary roots (as opposed to non-literary television roots). I'll explain that later. Remind me...

Here's an autoworker irony. My 1994 Toyota truck was made in Kentucky. My 2007 PT Cruiser, which I thought would be an even more patriotic purchase, was made in Mexico. Toyota made in America. Chrysler made in Mexico. No wonder the American auto industry is in trouble.

A who's to blame? Of course, the working man. Who else?


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