Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Novel notes: "It Looked Like For Ever"

The fourth book in the Henry Wiggen series is about aging. Henry, after a stellar career with the New York Mammoths, has been released and faces an uncertain future.

I'm a quarter of the way through the book and it's great so far. Here's a passage that I think sums it up nicely. Henry is visiting with his physician:

"What are you planning to do with your self now?" Dr. Pointer inquired.

"I am planning to join another ball club," I said.

... "I know that you all ways loved the game and were all ways a credit to it. I am not surprised that you will be remaining close to baseball. I will be scanning the news for further details."

"Do you think I can do it?" I inquired.

course you can," he replied. "I am surprised to think that you have any question about your old confidence. In what capacity?"

"To play," said I.

"Oh," said he, "to
play. No, I do not think you can do it."

-- Matt Kelsey

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  1. For obvious reasons, I identify strongly with that particular passage.